Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Minneapolis

Mrs. Beaver:

This morning's dual departures went smoothly. Mr. Beaver left the house shortly after 4 am. After flying through Minneapolis, he is now winging his way to Atlanta where he will catch an over-night flight for Moscow.

Joe, Lissie, Natasha and I, made our exit from home in a timely manner about four hours after Mr. Beaver. However, it was good that we'd padded the schedule a bit because Princess Bink clung to each of us in turn while she shed tears as we gathered our belongings. She seemed especially sad to have to separate from Natasha. The two of them are the tightest of friends. I've since exchanged texts with Tessa, and she says Princess Bink has fully recovered from her morning saddness.

We'd promised pictures but the signal here is far to weak to be able to post photos. This is like a blog cliffhanger!

Here's the family's schedule for next 12 days:

Wednesday, 11/10
Mr. Beaver leaves for Moscow (His family has taken to calling him "The Brave Super Daddy" for being willing to go parent the three new kiddos who don't speak English alone in Moscow for four days before I can get there)

Mrs. Beaver, Joe, Lissie and Natasha fly to Chicago so the three can compete in the National Bible Bee

Thursday, 11/11
Mr. Beaver arrives in Moscow around 10 am and has a day to recover and scope out the area around the apartment where he'll be staying with the kids.

Gotta board now--more later

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