Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Adoption: Two More Haircuts

Mrs. Beaver:

As I mentioned in a recent post, getting the first haircut is an important tradition in our three adoptions of older Russian children. While we were able to get Daria's last Wednesday, our steep, and at the time icy, hill prevented the two other newbies from being brought to those of us who were already in town.

So this morning, we headed off for those important trims. Both children were wonderfully cooperative despite noticable nervousness.

After getting just the ends of the long hair (which we've all fallen in love with) trimmed, Katie gave her a special reverse French braid to hold back the top.

Meanwhile, Alexander's thick hair was making a pile on the floor around his chair.

The whole event was a great success, and now, without the hair dangling in front of Alexander's eyes, we can even tell what color they are!


Sophie said...

What precious memories you are building!

Our Family said...

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support, Sophie! It means so very much to our family. It was fun to meet you and your family in Chicago!

Wish we lived closer!

Mrs. Beaver

MacMeister said...

Alexander and Oksana are looking pretty sharp! :-)