Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surprises Already this Morning!

Mrs. Beaver:

As many of us were bustling around the kitchen getting our breakfast, I turned towards the refrigerator and saw an unusual sight. Little Oksana had gotten a small head of Romaine lettuce out of the fridge and was nibbling away at it with the refrigerator door still hanging open. An unusual breakfast! (Tina, I think she's a girl after your own heart!:) )

I wish I'd had my camera at that very moment, but I at least caught these photos once we sat her down at the table. She's told Speedy her favorite animal is the cow so I think she's eyeing the bovines on the farm behind us.

Oksana are the whole lettuce head and part of a second one. Joe's comment about his little sister's choice of lettuce and water for breakfast was, "Sounds like prison food to me!"

My second surprise of the morning came when I pulled Daria aside to explain that I'd scheduled haircuts for the three new kids this afternoon. I had Lissie with me to interpret, but there was no need. Daria understood my combination of English, a few words of Russian and pointing perfectly. "Ringlish" has truly begun in our home. (And will continue until the kids are fluent.)

The real surprise came when Daria happily accepted the news that she was going to get her hair cut. I had expected a very unhappy teen. Instead, she grinned, thanked me with a hug and then bounced out of the room while I stood with my mouth draped open. God is so good!


Co-heir With Christ said...

I like that girl already :)! Anyone at that age who eats their vegetables is alright :D!!

Glad you guys got home safely.

MacMeister said...

Interesting breakfast! That actually doesn't sound half bad - once in a while :-D

Andrew said...

Well Mrs. Beaver, it's good to know that you don't have to force her to eat her greens.

Tina said...

Oksana sounds like my kind of girl. I cannot wait to meet her, Daria and Alexander. What a true blessing they are to your family. The Lord is SO good and SO merciful.
Tina Nix