Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We'll return, as we're able, to our day-by-day recounting of the wonderful family-melding adventure God gave us in Russia, but a more current update is that we arrived home last night with no travel hitches (Thank you, Lord!). A cheering, banner-waving crowd greeted us--which meant the world to us! (pictures to come)

For families who adopt internationally, the arrival at the home airport is HUGE. It marks the end of months, sometimes well over a year, of pouring your heart and soul, time and money into following what you strongly believe is God's will for your lives.

It also marks the BEGINNING. From this point forward, the child (or children) become the complete responsibility of the family. That can be scary and overwhelming considering the magnitude of the task of intergrating someone new into a family and doing it in a way that makes Christ winsome and attractive. The goal is, of course, that some day the child (or children) will belong to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Having a crowd of people at the airport that cares about you and your new children is a great encouragement that you're not launching into this tremendous undertaking alone.

Our deepest thanks to those of you who sacrifced your time and rejoiced with us at the airport! You just wouldn't believe how much that fervent love (1 Peter 1:22) meant to us. What a gift! (And if you would please, pray for us. We know from having adopted multiple older children twice in the past, the full adjustment takes about two years.)

We also know that many who wanted to be at the airport simply could not. Your presence was also felt and much appreciated. We want to acknowledge all the support and prayer cover we have received from you already over the past several months. Your continuing support (both physical, emotional and spiritual) will be so important to helping our kids see Christ in our church body, and in building an openness to His salvation.

Deeply grateful to God for the tremendous support system He's given us, both near and far,

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver


Natalie said...

We will continue to pray for all the adjustments! Especially the time adjustment!!! YUCK!!!
It has been amazing reading all the adventures you encountered in Moscow. Can't wait to read about all that the Lord has in store now!!!

MacMeister said...

Praise God for your safe return! :-) Praying that all the adjustments go smoothly.

the johnson crew said...

welcome home! praying for you all!

Poem Girl said...

I really enjoyed seeing the new kids
and it was fun to make my banner
I am sure that because of your family
many more will be inspired to adopt.
-Poem Girl

S'mores said...

Welcome Home!!!!!

missy said...

we know about your dear family through the nordstroms. welcome home!!!