Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Hello, Mama. I Love You."

From Mrs. Beaver

"Hello, Mama. I love you."

Those were the words, spoken in a very thick Russian accent by my brand new 15-year-old daughter, that I just heard on my phone in my hotel room in Chicago. I could feel Daria's smile from 5,000 miles away. Wow! What a grand, glorious, amazing God who could create a family in such an unusual way! I'm now the mother of twelve! This once incredibly barren woman is now the mother of TWELVE!

Before the quick call was over, our new 11-year-old son, Alexander, also said hello in English which was eagerly coached in the background by his new sister, Daria. His grin was also reaching me from half way around the world. When we finally reveal photos of these precious children, I think you'll be won immediately by Alexander's grin. He has one of those wonderfully infectious smiles that lights up a room.

Even little 6-year-old Oksana greeted me, although her greeting was in Russian.

What a phone call! Lissie jumped out of bed to greet her soon-to-be roommate, Daria, and then Joe had a quick conversation with Alexander.

Meanwhile, 10-year-old Natasha slept through all the hoop-la.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us. You prayers make aaaaaaalllllllll the difference for our family. Your friendship is dear!

It has been a remarkably sweet day, which began with the early morning news that the Russian Government has grant visas to our six Russian addoptees (as well as our other three kiddos). I'll be taking my nine children on the 6 am flight on Monday morning to join Mr. Beaver in Moscow.

We've been rejoicing over that news all day, and now I just got to talk to Daria, Alexander and Oksana. What a day! What a GOD!


Natalie said...

Praising God with you!!! Mom of a dozen!!!!

MacMeister said...

Wow - blessings upon blessings! :-D God's hand is evident all through this process! Safe travels for you and the children, and may the joining of you and your new children/siblings be joyful and blessed!

wordgirl-momathome said...

What an AMAZING GOD! We are praising Him with you! Thankyou for sharing your story with us and for being so transparent. We want you to know that God is using your testimony in the life of our family. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Hannah said...

Blessed by the dozen!!

Daria, Alexander, and Oksana--such pretty names!
(Did you realize Oksana means "Praise be to God"?)

Rejoicing with you all...

Co-heir With Christ said...

Soli Deo Gloria!! Beautiful names for (I am quite sure) beautiful children!

Psalm 127:3-5 :)

Aaron said...

I am so excited that you are finally going to get the kids. I can't wait to meet them. And I am so happy I can be a part or your family too. I am praying for your safety on your upcoming trip. I love you all.

Your (almost) son,

the johnson crew said...

Praise God! How relieving and exciting! Wow, 12 kids! Praying for you all.