Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Deep Breath of Hope

Mrs. Beaver:

This week, with Anna's help while she was visiting, I finally accomplished something I've wanted to do for some time.

I set up my own blog: A Deep Breath of Hope. This blog will be quite different from our family blog. It will be a journal of sorts, my response to life's journey. I'll record Scripture passages that strike me, favorite quotes, instructive or convicting passages from books I read and a video now and then. I'll also share some of my favorite photos--one can only post so many pictures of flowers on the family blog!:)

I will be writing primarily for me, but the blog will also serve as a record of my spiritual wrestlings, along with a few practical things I've learned here and there, for my nine daughters and my three daughters-in-law.

I've chosen to use a public blog to record my thoughts on the outside chance that some girl or woman might discover in the words "a deep breath of hope."

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Our Family said...

love you! I'll follow your blog anywhere.

getting a car wash now. Awill be home soon!