Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Love Story in Photos, Part 10

Mrs. Beaver:

A friend asked why I'm still posting photos of Anna and Aaron's wedding when it was more than three months ago. It was a good question, worth pondering.

After some heart searching, I find that at least part of my reason is that each time I scroll through the photos that Therese and Lauren took looking for my next post, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to God for the wonderful thing he has done in the life of my oldest child. I'm amazed at His goodness. I'm in awe of His grace and mercy at giving Anna and Aaron to each other. I find I love the Lord more with each wedding photo I post. He has been so faithful to our family.

There is another reason I'm still posting pictures of the bride and groom. I really miss Anna! She is a dear friend. Getting to see her in these photos does admittedly stir up the grieving, but, as the saying goes, "It hurts good."

I also miss my new son, Aaron. I really like the guy and wish I could spend more time with him! It's amazing to see how God can knit together two families.

All that said, here's yet another picture taken before the group photos the afternoon of the wedding:

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Aaron and Anna said...

I miss you too Mom! I find the longer I am away from all of you, it just gets harder. I miss the day to day interaction with all of you so very very much.