Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Dress...Parachute-Style

Mrs. Beaver:

I'm inserting this photo of the bride, Anna, in the midst of the bride-and-groom series because the picture was taken during the duo's session.

On the day of the wedding, I wasn't nearby to watch the propping of Anna's gown in preparation for the photo. However, judging from her grin the effort to get the dress to sit just right must have been gotten all involved laughing.

As Anna's mom, I treasure this photograph as one of those rare ones that truly captures a personality.

From the time Anna could smile as a baby--she did. And not only did she smile, but she laughed--a lot. From her toddlerhood through her teen years, she blessed our family with an ability to see the humor in situations where others would have missed it. In addition, she blessed us because she was humble enough to frequently see herself as a reason for the giggles. Her very happy personality is one of the countless reasons we give thanks to God for her birthmother, who sacrificed what would have been easier and more convenient to herself and gave life to Anna instead. To think how easily she could have been aborted...

I miss Anna's happy-hearted, joyful personality now that she's living several states away. I'm grateful to God that she has a man who appreciates her smile and laugh and sees them as gifts from the Lord. I'm also grateful to God that I have this very special photo that captures an aspect of the true Anna so beautifully.

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