Monday, July 25, 2011

Doggie Fun

Cassandra and my visiting friend, Amber (Anna's sister-in-law):

Aaron and Anna, the family newlyweds, arrived last Friday. They brought their puppy, Mocha.

Today we took Mocha and our puppy, Sunshine, to the Bacon Creek Dog Park. Before we let the dogs roam, we gathered for a group picture. We also had Amber, Anna's sister-in-law, along on the trip.

They were estatic to be free of their leashes in the fenced area.

The dogs played chase and made a new friend named Lexi. They quickly exhausted themselves and took turns lapping up water from the same bowl.

 Mocha loved chasing Lexi as she fetched a Frisbee.

Sunshine, not used to interaction with exuberant dogs her own age, soon tired of the game. So she settled on a bench and reveled in the love she received.

More love

Mocha and her new friend engaged in a tug-of-war over the Frisbee.

We then left the dog park area and moved on to the playground. Some kids enjoyed the play area, while others climbed trees and made exciting discoveries.

Sisters reunited!

Before leaving, Mom/Mrs. Beaver captured this stunning photograph. How magnificent is our Creator!

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