Monday, July 4, 2011

Life-Changing? Really?!?

Mrs. Beaver:

It's so easy to call something "life changing." No doubt, the two words get over used. Yet every once in a while, the cliche is really deserved.

For years I have wanted to read 10 chapters of the Bible each day. I've been stuck on the number 10 because one of my heroes, George Mueller, averaged reading 10 chapters each day during his lifetime, which spanned most of the 1800s. And George Mueller just had to be a BUSY man. Not only did he invest himself in the care of nearly 10,000 orphans, he was also a full-time pastor and traveled extensively as a missionary well into his 80s.

Despite my desire to imitate my hero in his Bible-reading habits, I have tried and failed repeatedly. When I've attempted to read large chunks of God's word, I have inevitably struggled with sleepiness or loss of concentration. (Yikes! That's embarrassing to admit!) It's been deeply frustrating to me that I haven't given the Book I love more than any other the attention I believe it is due.

So when I overheard my friend, Tess, mention that she'd been reading 10 chapters each day my interest was peaked. I horned my way into the conversation and peppered Tess with questions. She filled me in on Professor Grant Horner's Bible-Reading Plan, and I started the very next day.

Rather than trying to explain Professor Horner's system, I ENCOURAGE (read beg, plead, beseech)you to check out the link above. (I haven't checked out every post on this blog, and, therefore, can't endorse it. However, the blogger does a great job of explaining Professor Horner's system in the linked post.)

As I said, every once in a while the term "life changing" is warranted.This is one of those rare times. I'm now reading 10 chapters almost every day (some days I only get five or seven chapters read, but this is still far more than I was reading). If a mother of 12 can make time to do it, well... you know where I'm going with this one...!!!

Most importantly, I now have a hunger for the word of God that is stronger than it has ever been. I love reading my Bible more than ever before. I feel a passion for God's word like never before. In fact, I struggle to put the Book down! In the past, I have sometimes struggled to even pick it up.

In an interview, Professor Horner once remarked that if you try his plan for a month he believes you'll discover you've been starving yourself. That's just what happened with me.

Friends, please try this plan. It's easy. It's engaging. It's life changing. Be blessed! I certainly have been.

And, remember, if you believe you don't have time to read 10 chapters each day...a mother of twelve (11 of whom remain at home) wrote this post.


Caravyn Jazmin said...

Excellent post, Mrs. Beaver! I've recently found reading large chunks of Bible "excavates" Biblical truths you don't see when pondering over a few verses a day (which, don't get me wrong, is wonderful, too). Thank you for sharing!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for this post! I started the reading today and was able to sneak in 9 chapters this morning before my kids woke up. YAY! God's word is so wonderful and to read it as a whole and not just a book at a time is amazing. :)

Our Family said...

Go! Go! Go! Girl...Be blessed! Denise