Saturday, July 9, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part 1

Mrs. Beaver:

Last Sunday, while visiting Denver, we attended a Colorado Rockies baseball game with Mr. Beaver's mom, Jane, and his Aunt Jean. We took the light rail to the Union Station stop in the "LoDo" section of downtown Denver.

LoDo was run down, dilapidated and dirty until some people with great vision brought life back to the area. Now its a beautiful example of urban renewal, a "happening place," that includes Coors Field, home of the Rockies.

We had several blocks to walk to the stadium so we arranged for alternate transportation for Grandma and Aunt Jean.

Our first view of Coors Field

Banners for the home team hung along our route. I thought this one was of special interest with a pair of shoes so carefully arranged 20 feet in the air!

My beloved gang in front of the stadium's entrance

Some happy men--not many professional sports teams in our area!

This photo captures the view from the other side of the sculpture that welcomes Rockies Fans to the Coors Field. This native Coloradoan treasured the glimpse of the Rocky Mountains in the background!

However, now that I've bean an Iowan for nearly a decade, I appreciated that one of the giant mosaic "baseballs" in the sculpture included a cow.

Our seats were way up, which allowed for magnificent views of the interior of the stadium, of LoDo and of the business district of downtown Denver.

Once we got to our seats, we still had nearly an hour before the game began...plenty of time for silly antics.

...enjoying each other's company...

...and people watching.

For Alexander, Daria and Oksana this was their first taste of "the Great American Pastime."

As always, Mr. Beaver and I took real joy in the blessing of sharing a "first" with our precious adoptees. We enjoyed their wonder and curiosity about the hoopla and pageantry before the game even started.

God has so richly blessed the two of us in allowing us the opportunity to enlarge the world of nine fatherless children over the past decade. We thank Him every day for showering His mercies on us! He is a good God. As the Lord has enlarged their worlds, He has enlarged our hearts and our faith. He has also increased our adoration of Him.
More to come on our experience of game time in Part 2

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Leah said...

Tell Lissie she has excellent taste in sunglasses- I have the same ones! :-) I enjoy keeping up with your family from this blog. Keep posting!