Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trek to the Park

Mrs. Beaver:

Our first night in Denver we walked to a nearby park with Grandma and Aunt Jean. Cassandra was pleased to make the trek in her brand new tennis shoes. She wore the last pair out on the missions trip to New Orleans.

One group made it to the corner long before the rest of us. They waited...

...and waited...

...and waited.

Finally, Oksana brought word that we wouldn't be long.

We rounded the corner and headed down the next block. For some time we've been saying that a large family is "a parade waiting to happen." We made this street look like a parade route as we spread out.

The walk was a great opportunity for fellowship...

...hand holding...

...and laughter.

Joe reached the park first. As he made his way into the park with Grandma and Aunt Jean's dog, Sandy, Joe began to worry about the many lumps underfoot. He hollered to those of us behind him, "Tell me  this isn't goose poop."

Boy, was he relieved when we reassured him that the grass had been recently aerated!

The still evening created beautiful reflections on the ponds in the park.

Daria tried to get close to some of the young ducklings...

...but their mama didn't think much of that. She was soon marching away hissing loudly at Daria as she herded her little ones.

We all had a marvelous time.

...all the while being awed by the beauty of the ever-changing sky. The heavens truly do declare the glory of God! (Psalm 19:1)


Spencer said...

John!! :D :D I love your face in those pics.... "tell me this isn't....." :D :D

MacMeister said...

That's what sandals are for Joe! ;-)