Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Flower-Girl Interlude

Our Natasha and Princess Bink were besides themselves with ecstasy when they were invited by their beloved oldest sister, Tessa, to be flower girls in her March wedding. All this happened in October while while Mr. Beaver and I were in Russia on our court trip to become the legal parents of Daria, Alexander, and Oksana. Tessa knew from the beginning that she wanted to include her new six-year-old sister, but Oksana had, and still has, no way of understanding with her extremely limited English.

No matter. What little girl doesn't enjoy a chance to try on beautiful dresses and prance in front of a mirror?That's exactly what happened at Wednesday's fitting.


MacMeister said...

Tessa is going to have a wonderful trio of flower girls! You ladies look great! :-)

Victoria said...

Ditto Mac! The girls are absolutely adorable :) .

~Kluane said...

haha, I'm gonna have to agree with Mac and Vic....those are some pretty cute girls :)