Thursday, December 2, 2010

Peaches from Heaven

Did you hear our screams of joy when our friends, Russ and Heather, called today with the news we've been waiting for on their behalf for what seems like FOREVER?

Russ and Heather started the process of adoption from Ethiopia in November 2009 as a direct result of the way God moved in their hearts on National Orphan Sunday. We began our pursuit of a child (we always start with a goal of one and end up with three--God is SO GOOD!) from Russia just a couple weeks after them.

Their desire was for a little girl between the ages of 2-5. They have been waiting for a referral since mid April, alternately clinging to God and then questioning why the referral had to take so long in a country where there are six million orphans. Today all that angst came to an end as they got to see photos of their beautiful new daughter. Months ago their youngest son nicknamed his new sister-to-be "Peaches" and that nickname has stuck with their entire church family. So tonight when they hosted a party to celebrate the wonderful news, we couldn't resist bringing Double Peach Ice Cream (Blue Bunny, of course) and Peach Pie filling to mark the occasion.

Happy 'peaches from heaven' tonight, Russ and Heather! We love you!

(Here's a link to their amazing blog -  - I know they'd welcome your interest and prayers!)

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The Nordstroms said...

How blessed we are to have such amazing friends! Thanks again for coming over tonight. It's midnight and we've just said goodnight to the last of our guests from the celebration (The O's of course!). What a day! We will long remember it.