Friday, December 3, 2010

Beginning to Understand

Mrs. Beaver -

Our family was the first to arrive at last night's party celebrating our dear, dear friends finally getting a referral for the little girl they long to adopt from Ethiopia (see yesterday's post, as well as their blog Room for More.)

Oksana and I were in the kitchen with Heather, and I asked her what we could do to help. She turned to Oksana and asked her to put napkins on the table. Our little one marched right off and did exactly as she was asked. Few would recognize the enormity of this, but it was HUGE because the request came in English. Without even looking at me for clarificication, she did as she was asked. This was our very first sign of her understanding a full English thought! WOW! Praise be to God for this progress in less than two weeks in America!

We thank and praise the Lord for each step forward in making this place feel like home to these three precious children. Beginning to understand English is certainly one of the most important of those steps!


WhiteStone said...

Reading about how God is blessing your family always blesses me as well!

I love seeing pictures of all of you, including Poochita and Sunshine!

Sophie said...

Yeah, Praise the Lord and way to go Oksana!