Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Little Rap Dancer

From Joe:

My new youngest sister, Oksana, is making great strides both in catching up developmentally and in forming relationships in our family. Her bright, elf-like smile and contagious giggle usually cheer me up, but two things she’s done over the past few days have especially delighted and entertained me.

The first of her cute escapades was the constant company she gave me during my Bible-reading time this morning. It began with a hug from a little person in panda-covered footy pajamas. I had never realized the door on our sun room was actually a revolving door, but I learned quickly that it was as my Bible time progressed! In between her trips out of the room, Oksana would chatter to me in her babyish Russian. I was most surprised when she brought me a bowl of cereal—this was more developmental progress and thoughtful kindness than I thought possible at this stage! Later in the morning, she called me by name for the first time all on her own. What a special moment!

The second cute escapade, which is one of my favorites so far in this adoption adventure, was Oksana’s dancing to some “Lecrae” rap. Words can’t describe this one—you’ll have to check out the video below! (As a side note, 15-year-old Daria also dances quite rhythmically in the disco style, although it’s a little different coming from her than from a 6-year-old. Hmm…where’s a baseball bat to fend off the male admirers from my sister when I need it?)


Sophie said...

How precious those moments are! That's so special! I suppose that it is similar to a baby brother or sister saying your name for the first time...but to come from another language! Wow! Very sweet!
Still praying!

Co-heir With Christ said...

You guys are giving her good music!

So wonderful to see the Great Physician doing His work in her life in just a few short weeks. :)