Sunday, December 26, 2010

Her First Doll, Part 2

Mrs. Beaver:

Yesterday when we gave six-year-old Oksana her first doll for Christmas, we learned that 15-year-old Daria had never owned a doll of her own either. We were determined to fill that hole in her life!

Following church today, Mr. Beaver and I went shopping. At store number three, we found just what we were hunting for.

Here is Daria's response:

When we asked Daria what she was going to name her doll, she told us immediately "Marina." We asked why, and she told us it was because Marina had helped her become part of a family.

We thought the name was perfect! After all, Marina is a hero to the two of us. She has such a heart for orphaned children that she has facilitated the adoptions of about 700 children in the past decade and a half.

Marina with Princess Bink in our Moscow flat
Marina, you have given us a very special 15-year-old "baby." We're so glad to have Daria, as well as Alexander and Oksana, as part of our family. Daria recognizes the important role you played in changing her life forever, and so do we! But, it wasn't just Daria's life that you changed. You have allowed the two of us much joy in giving us the role of dream-fulfillers in the lives of these three precious children. Thank you! We love you, Marina, and we miss you!

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Sophie said...

What a special time with both their dolls! What an opportunity for you all to be a blessing!