Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ninety-Eight Days to Go

Mrs. Beaver:

Last night Lissie, Tessa's maid-of-honor in her upcoming wedding, reported to me that 99 days remain until Aaron and Tessa wed.

I will miss my incredibly precious daughter, who is my dear, dear friend, terribly when she moves to Ohio after the wedding. However, I am so happy she will be married to a man about whom I feel so good. Aaron loves Christ and longs to glorify Him. He loves Tessa and intends to treat her as the priceless gift from the Lord that scripture says she is. Together they dream of carving out a life that will honor God and further His kingdom.

Aaron makes my Tessa so very happy and that makes me happy. They have both been raised in families that value God's word. they both know the Bible is where to find perfect counsel about how to get along with others well, including your spouse. Thus, I know that Tessa and Aaron will have at their disposal the tool that will help them reach sixty years together, should the Lord allow that.

The pictures below were taken when Aaron was here last in September. We never posted any of these photos because happenings associated with our adoption picked up and our blog focus turned almost exclusively thaere. But, as all of us happily look forward to Aaron and Tessa's marriage in March, I thought that posting these pictures while 98 days remain before their wedding might encourage a bride and groom who wish March was here already. After all, about 90 days has passed since Aaron was here last. As much of a cliche as it is, time will fly, my precious daughter and wonderful soon-to-be-son!

(BTW, because both Aaron and Tessa decided while in their early teens to wait for a courtship relationship when they were older, neither of the two of them has ever dated. They've never attended a prom or homecoming. Tessa owns the formals for musical commitments she's had in the past couple of years.) 



Aaron said...


Thank you SO much for posting that. Just when I was feeling really down about the wedding being so far you posted that and picked up my spirits. Thank you so much. I love you and can't wait to see you again in 5 days!

Your soon to be son

Lauren Nicole said...

These are beautiful!

Sophie said...

Beautiful! Great testimony to staying pure to the One God has chosen!

The Nordstroms said...

Wowee!! What a beautiful couple - so in love!

Co-heir With Christ said...

BEA-utiful!!! :):):):)

Yet another reminder that it is my responsibility to prepare myself for my esposita.

~Kluane said...

Awww, those are great pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

I've already seen these :) and I LOVE THEM ALL! :) They make such a cute couple. God has truly blessed both of them! :)

MacMeister said...

What great pictures and what an inspirational story! I love those infectious smiles :-)