Saturday, December 18, 2010

Courtship: Sister Trouble!

Mrs. Beaver:
We had lots of fun at a late night McDonald's run after a symphony concert in which Tessa played her violin. (It's amazing how much laughter is possible when "Ringlish"--a bit of Russian, a bit of English and a lot of pointing--is your only shared language, but laughter has been the theme of the week around here. God is so very good to us!)

We hope to share more photos from our evening tomorrow, but this was the family favorite. Aaron was magic with our littlest one tonight, which was a great help since the concert was a loooooong one for the very first classical music foray for a six-year-old. Here Aaron had just helped Oksana out of the 15-passenger. She went from holding Aaron's hand to...well, the caption below says it all!

Oksana: "On no! I've just been caught kissing Tessa's fiance!"


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LOL! That's adorable! The way your newly enlarged family continues to bond is a wonderful testimony to God's goodness :-)