Saturday, December 18, 2010

Courtship: News FLASH!

Aaron and Tessa have been courting for nearly a year. By their choice, they have always had a family member nearby each time they've been together to help them guard their purity. The reason for this is that they decided when their courtship began that they wanted their very first kiss to be the traditional kiss at the alter after they're declared husband and wife.

With the permission of Tessa's dad, Aaron asked Tessa to marry him while she was vacationing with his family in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in October. Now that they are engaged, their purity goal hasn't changed, but Mr. Beaver's confidence in Aaron's commitment to the goal has grown over the months. So tonight Aaron took Tessa on their very first date.

Here Aaron is ready to take Tessa to the finest restaurant in town....

...and while there he presented her with her engagement ring.

(The ring on her left hand in this picture is the purity ring
Tessa's father presented to her at about age 13
when she covenented with him to stay pure
 until they both agreed that the Lord had brought
 the right man at the right time into her life.
Tonight that ring was moved to her right hand.)

After dinner, the two of them returned home before going to see the new Narnia Movie... show us the ring.

We all rejoiced with her. Her dream has come true!

And, of course, we're in full agreement that
the ring Aaron picked out for his beloved is beautiful!

Tessa brings such life to this family that it is hard to imagine her departing our home following their wedding. Even Daria and Alexander are showing some sadness this weekend over the impending "loss" of their brand new oldest sister.

However, all of us can clearly see that the Lord has matched Aaron and Tessa perfectly,
and we're prepared to release her in March to a wonderful future with a godly man.

May the Lord God be praised for the holy, powerful, loving, and precious works he has done in our family just in the past few weeks. He is such a good God!


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing this momentous occasion in Anna and Aaron's life. We feel very blessed.

MacMeister said...

That ring is wonderful! I'm just so happy for all of you - God has blessed you in a very special way!

Sophie said...

Beautiful story, beautiful ring! Praise the Lord!