Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Courtship: The Month for Matrimony

Mrs. Beaver:

The calendar proclaims that March has come. The month of Tessa's wedding has arrived.

I cannot deny that it will be hard to have my oldest daughter move so far away. I will miss her deeply.

However, my joy on her behalf exceeds my personal sorrow. Since Tessa's dad was involved in helping her discern whether she'd met her "'til-death-do-we-part man," I'm confident she will be walking down the aisle to her dream come true, a man who will look out for her best.

I know that Aaron is ready to protect her. I know that Aaron is ready to provide for her.

I know that Aaron and Tessa are ready to enter into the most beautiful of institutions: marriage. I know that they are ready to share joys...and sorrows as one flesh.

They are ready to go Dancing in The Minefields.

They are going to experience the ups and downs of being a family, but they will face these joys and struggles together.

And through it all my daughter will have a man on whom she can lean...a man she can look up to...a man who's lead she can trust and follow. 

In less than three weeks, Tessa's father will transfer our daughter's hand into that of a young man who I am confident will cherish and nurture her. I am confident that Aaron will love her--not in his own strength--but in the strength of the Lord. I am confident that Aaron will love her sacrificially. After all, he has been loved sacrificially by his Saviour.

Tessa was first attracted to Aaron because he loves, serves and depends upon the same magnificent God she does. They share a determination to glorify God in their union by aligning their relationship and their parenting to the wisdom found in God's Word.

I will miss my Tessa. She is truly a light in our home, and she is one of the best friends I've ever had. And I'm not naive. I know my daughter's path will often be hard. However, I'm full of joy as we begin March because soon, Tessa's path will also be Aaron's path. Together they will be more than they each could have ever been on their own. To God be the glory.


Melanie said...

I have been thinking about all of your family as I know the wedding is approaching!
What an emotional day is approaching. As I look back at my own wedding I marvel at how much has happened since then. Because I know that God put my husband and I together, we've weathered our [little] storms and I humbly believe, skipped some! Whatever comes, I know that the man I'm married to is the man God chose for me and what a peace that gives. I know "Tessa" will have that same assurance.
My heart goes out to you her family as she moves to my home state, and it goes out to her as well. I can't imagine having to leave and put so much distance between myself and my family in order to cleave.
I pray God's blessings and peace on all of you throughout this upcoming event and transition! May God's grace be apparent as it has been in the past!

Pete said...

OH I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm so excited for the two of them! I was thinking about this AM...God has blessed them both greatly in giving them to the other person! It was such a neat road to be let in on as they got to know each other!

I'm excited about meeting all the rest of you come the wedding!!


P.S. Those pictures are great! I have not seen those ones before! I really some of them...actually I think some of them have jumped very quickly to my favorites! :)

S'mores said...

I love all the pictures of Aaron and Tessa! Thanks for posting them. I can't wait to see you again, Tessa and offically meet Aaron(I've been told Skype doesn't count :))!

Jane said...

Thanks for your heads up Jaynie. The pictures are awesome. Soon we'll all be together for the wedding. Can hardly wait. Love and hugs to you all. Grandma and AJ