Monday, March 7, 2011

A Tired Plea for Prayer

Mrs. Beaver:

A friend at church recently told me that she likes when we put specific prayer requests on the blog because she then knows how to cry out on our behalf. I was touched by her willingness to pray for us. We are grateful, really, really grateful, for the support of people who are willing to spend time and energy praying for our unusual family.

It's me who could use extra prayer cover this week. Mr. Beaver is traveling for a full week. At this stage in a new adoption we normally tried to avoid such a prolonged absence by dad, but there was just no choice this time.

My concern isn't really the behavior of the children. My concern is my own ability to meet whatever misbehaviors do arise in a Christ-like manner. I long to be patient, gentle, humble and forgiving. I want to be winsome when I need to correct a child or children. However, knowing I won't have the wonderful respite I usually get at the end of the day when Mr. Beaver comes home from work, I'm already finding that walking "in a manner worthy of the gospel" (Ephesians 4:1,2) is that much harder. And it's only Monday!

Please pray that I will be like Jesus as I interact with my 12 children this week (especially in light of the Tessa's wedding being next week!). Please pray for my endurance. Please pray that I will rise in time to feast on God's word rather than snacking before I start interacting with the kiddos. Please pray that I will keep remembering what a sinner I am as I encounter sin in our home.

Thank you, friends!


Jamie and Marcos said...

Praying for sure and hoping for everything to fall beautifully in place for the most wonderful wedding I truly believe Marcos and I will ever witness! God mold the children's hearts into all your qualities and cover precious Denise with your character daily with abundant strength and wisdom.....oh and return her beloved safely as well...- Amen ( :

Sophie said...

O Lord, cover Mrs. Beaver with Your peace. She recognizes her weakness, renew her with Your strength. Do not let little things break her or discourage her...give her an abundance of joy in serving you at home with her children and wisdom to discern in difficult situation. Give her the patience of Job, and YOUR LOVE as she deals with sin issues in her children's lives, and bless her in amazing ways this week!
In the name of Your Son.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... the way...that last comment was from Shelly...ha. Don't know what I am

MacMeister said...

Praying for you!

Our Family said...

I love your sincere fight of faith. The Lord has so sanctified you over the past several years. You are truly a godly woman, an amazing wife and my BFF.

Mr. Beaver