Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: He's Here!

Mrs. Beaver:

Just as we were finishing our midday meal, Aaron arrived. Tessa went flying out the door faster than the speed of light.

I no longer move that fast, so I missed the initial greeting between bride and groom. However, their joyful reunion lasted long enough that I caught these photos:

We thank God for Tessa.

We thank God for Aaron.

We thank God that in joining the two of them together in Christ,
He will create a union both beautiful and strong.


Tina said...

Dear Beaver Family,
Thank you so much for the joyous photos. They were a blessing. Ric and I were also pondering the fact that Aaron and Anna will be together, unhindered by the miles, from this time on. We are so grateful to the Lord for this marriage, and we will treasure Anna as our new daughter. Thank you for caring for Aaron and Amber. Your family is a blessing and we cannot wait to meet your newest children, gifts of our Lord. We love you all.
Tina, for Tina and Ric

MacMeister said...

How wonderfully exciting! :-)

Our Family said...

Thanks, Tina! I love how you put what I was trying to capture, they are "unhindered by the miles from this time on."

It is truly a joy to care for Aaron and Amber. Thank you for trusting us with something so precious to you.

We're so looking forward to seeing you and Ric later in the week. It is a gift from the Lord that we can be one REALLY big family! Way back when we had three children, I began praying that the Lord would make our family a mighty army to be used by Him. I firmly believe this wedding is a piece of the answer to the cry of my heart. We love you all, too!

See you Thursday, Lord willing!
Denise for Jim and Denise