Saturday, March 26, 2011

"First Sight"

Aaron & photograher, Lauren LePlante
Mrs. Beaver:

As a way of dealing with the dilemma of wanting to take some photos of the bride and groom before the wedding but still wanting the groom to get the "ahhhhhhh!" experience of seeing his bride at the altar for the first time, Aaron and Tessa did what is called a "First Sight."

The sanctuary was empty, except for photographers who were busy taking photos of the moment. The four parents were also allowed to watch this most precious, virtually sacred moment transpire between their children. Aaron had his back to Tessa as she walked down the aisle. With her long train spread across the red carpet runner as she slowly traversed, the long sanctuary, I was reminded of the marriage scene in "The Sound of Music."

He turned just as she reached him. We allowed them several minutes of "aloneness" to savor each other and to relish the wonder that TODAY was their day.

Meanwhile the two photographers were busy taking photos, and I got a few in also. Most of mine had a slight blur to them as I shook a bit as I watched this precious scene unfold between two people I love so much who were about to become one flesh.

When Tessa finally reached Aaron, their delight in one another filled the silent room.

Mr. Beaver and I appreciate how gentle and tender Aaron is with our precious daughter.

Just before the photographers began the pre-wedding photography blitz,
I was blessed to catch this sweet exchange.


strvn2plsHM said...

God bless you as you try to find a spare moment to share with those of us who couldn't be there ~ we are VERY grateful and enjoying every post and every picture:) You're so sweet to share, thank you! The Handel's

MacMeister said...

That is beautiful :-)