Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: A Golden Opportunity

Mrs. Beaver:

I just took a look at the blog of our friends the Millers, and was both surprised and delighted to see the First Official Photos from our wedding, taken by their daughter, Therese, and her friend, Lauren, whom we hired as our photographers.

As beautiful as the pictures are, my reason for creating a link here is because Therese caught the most amazing shot of my parents dancing together. My mom and dad will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on May 6th so we began the dance on Saturday night with the two of them enjoying each other while the rest of us were privileged to watch their private joy.
"Mom and Dad, I love you so very much. Happy 50th anniversary! Thanks for teaching me so many things about having an enduring marriage. You legacy will now live on in Aaron and Tessa."


MacMeister said...

Those are such great pictures! They really do capture the joy of the wedding :-)

MacMeister said...

And it was wonderful to see your parents dancing and showing so much love for each other! They have obviously been blessed in their marriage :-)

Spencer said...

These are such awesome pictures!!!! The testimony of your parents is so awesome!

Aaron said...

It was an honour to be there and see the lasting love and joy between your parents. Thank you for the advice and encouragement you gave to us young people.