Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: What a day!

Mrs. Beaver:

With the wedding now just four days away, everything we did today was focused on preparing for the big day! While Tessa and Aaron drove to Omaha to pick up both sets of grandparents, others were busy getting the baubles for the reception centerpieces ready.

Aaron's sister, Amber (L) who just turned 16 last week was a great teammate.

Meanwhile, Cassandra and her friend, Katherine, made the chocolate sheet cake for which Cassandra is becoming legendary. (We'll save a big piece for you, Russ!)

When Tessa and Aaron returned, it was time for my parents to meet their three new grandchildren.

At lunch, Daria explained some of her personal history to my mom, as she listened with keen interest.

After a crowded, but delicious lunch of leftovers...

A number of us went to the florist to take a peak at the flowers that have arrived for Saturday's bouquets.

Whenever we visit the florist, we get tickled that here in rural Iowa the florist is attached to a snowmobile dealership. We think that combination of businesses would be hard to find in many other locations.

Tessa looked over the flowers and gave her hearty approval.

The groom seemed satisfied since his bride was satisfied.

After the florist we ran to FedEx Office to pick up the printed programs. They're beeeaauuuuutiful!
Way to go, Eric! I look forward to meeting you this weekend. 

Our last stop was the building where the reception will be held to put together the centerpieces. However, by this time we were too tired to bring the project to completion. You can find us there first thing tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said...

Wow! :) Loving the wedding updates! :) Prayers are with you all! :)

The Nordstroms said...

What......you're saving me just one piece???????? Back to the kitchen Cassandra!

Can't wait to eat some of the legendary cake. It will be a fun, fun day!

son said...

Hi! It is Cara from Mom's night out just wanted to say I love your blog and enjoy all that God does in your life. Congrats on the wedding! I know she will be a stunning bride, and you a stunning mother to the bride. Blessings on this weekend.