Monday, March 28, 2011

One Less

Mrs. Beaver:

There's one less orphan in Ethiopia. Our family experienced such joy seeing Meddie Grace arrive at the airport last night that I couldn't resist sharing a few more photos from the event for which we've waited so long.

A very happy older brother!

The Henn boys, "Dash" and "Bear," have eagerly been awaiting their new friend born in the same country.

Dash and Bear's 6-year-old sister, "Erna," in her Ethiopian dress

Here is the youngest in the Henn family, "Giggles." She knows all about Ethiopia, with two older brothers who were adopted from that country and a daddy who went on a missions trip to Ethiopia in December.

Our church is very kid friendly. This beautiful four-year-old will fit right in!

Bless her heart, the longer Meddie Grace was at the airport surrounded by an enormous crowd, the more relaxed she grew and was even smiling toward the end.

Lord of Life,

We thank you for the precious life you have placed in the midst of our church all the way from the continent of Africa. Thank you for protecting her and her new parents during their travels. Thank you for giving her parents a heart for fatherless children.

Please grant her new church family wisdom to know how to come alongside her family as they all adjust to the big change. Please help us to be selfless as we reach out to meet their needs following the selfless act of adding an older, orphaned child to their family.

Please help all of us to mirror Christ's gentleness and humility as we love on her. Please help all of us to live before Meddie Grace in such a way that she will be attracted to Christ. Please rescue, redeem and save Meddie that she might glorify You.

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Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of Meddie's homecoming. They brought tears to my eyes and rejoicing to my heart. What a beautiful picture of the gospel here on earth.