Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: A Glorious Ending

Tessa just got off the phone with Aaron, and he's less than an hour away on his drive from his home in Cincinnati.

Boy, is there an exhuberant, joy-filled bride in our home! Her happiness goes beyond mere glee that the wedding is just five days away. When Aaron pulls up in our driveway, their many months of being separated by a 15-hour drive will have come to an end. Although the wedding isn't until Saturday, they'll get to see each other every day between now and then. The separation is over.

I understand my daughter's excitement. When Mr. Beaver and I entered into the romance that has resulted in our 27-year marriage, he was in the Navy. We spent five months apart while he attended Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and I continued with college at the University of Colorado. He even proposed over the phone!

We were so grateful to the Lord when our separation ended. At the same time, we would also be the first to tell Aaron and Tessa that our months apart allowed us to start our marriage with a deep appreciation for every minute we could be together. Our love of being together has made the friendship we share wonderfully sweet. The profound gratitude to the Lord with which we entered our marriage is still with us. One of our many prayers for our new son and Tessa will be that the thankfulness to God with which their hearts overflow today over being together will last 'til death parts them.

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Carissa said...

How exciting!! May the Lord bless them richly and help you in these final days of preparation:) I know the Lord will use them for His glory!