Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: Ceremony Getting Closer

Mrs. Beaver:

One of the photographers, Therese Miller, taking a look at the pictures she's taken.

Tessa wanted to keep the wedding simple so the only flowers were two bouqets on the altar to say thank you to her birthparents for choosing to give her life.

The florist did a beautiful job with all the arrangements.

At this point in the afternoon, however, Aaron and Tessa, had eyes only for each other following that First Sight.

By this time others had entered the sanctuary. It would be a few hours before Aaron and Tessa had any private moments again.

Tessa's sister, Lissie, and Aaron's sister, Amber, had come up from the girls' dressing room and were watching all that was going on.

Cassandra helping Aaron's grandma pin on her coursage. It was a real blessing to already be operating as one family.

Katherine was preparing the guestbook and gift table.

Flower girl, Natasha, was ready for both photos and petal tossing

On the other hand, flower girl Princess Bink wanted to practice her stroll down the aisle. She seemed to think it would somehow feel different in her official flower girl dress than it did during the rehearsal the night before in a regular dress.

After Princess Bink's successful practice, we had all three flowergirls ready for a photo, sisters Oksana (6)(l), Natasha (11), and Princess Bink (8)

Before long the bride and groom were back on their feet making a tour of the beautiful building getting their pictures taken here and there and everywhere. (Sorry about the poor imitation of Dr. Seuss)

Can you guess who Tessa is looking at by the glow on her face?

"You are my God, and I give thanks to You;
You are my God I extol You."
Psalm 119:28

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