Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: A Remarkably Relaxed Day

Mrs. Beaver:

A number of the young women in the house were able to get the reception center pieces finished by late morning, while others of us attended to other details. Cassandra did some more serious work on the wedding cake, but even this was handled in a fairly short amount of time.

This left time for card playing and lots of laughter. It also left time after some naps in the early afternoon while Cassandra frosted Tessa's cake. A whole gaggle of us wedding participants helped her don her wedding gown and take her to a couple of sights in town for photos.

Since Aaron is banned from seeing the gown until Saturday, Joe took him to a coffee place in LeMars and then the two of them went bowling.

I can only show you a couple of the photos so that we too preserve the "Wow" factor for the groom on Saturday. But here are some of Anna's famous silver-sequined Keds which she promises to wear to the reception.

As we criss-crossed streets in the downtown area, it took sisters, and friends, and cousins, and last-but-not-least, her-almost sister-in-law, Amber, to hold down the many layers in the wind. What an entourage Tessa had with her and in this photo they were all there trying to protect the bride's delicate gown. It was her gown-guards who were the stars of the show!

Not much more I can show you, but I was able to get a photo of Tessa's engagement ring resting on jewels.

The Lord has truly granted us the peace that passes all understanding, We've been fill with joy and laughter, and most importantly, this was a remarkably stress -free day. What a gift! A great gift from our Father in heaven.


George and Krista said...

Hello all!!

I just talked to Therese-o, whom we'll see before she flies out. I'm so excited for your family...weddings are so much fun and so is being married to your best friend! Can't wait to see the pictures. Will be praying for you all.

Love from,
Krista (for George, Grace and Elliana too!)

Our Family said...


I'll pass on your message to Tessa. She and Aaron are walking on air now that we're down to counting in hours.

I haven't made the time yet to congratulate you on the birth of Elliana. We're so very, very happy for you and George! She sure is a beauty. And, obviously, we love the name Elliana. I think the meaning is amazing!

We're thrilled that Therese will be here so soon. She adds laughter and fun wherever she goes. She's a perfect fit for our photographer since our families are so like-minded.

Love from,
Denise and the tribe!

George and Krista said...

I found out from Therese that Tessa will be moving to Ohio, which means that Chicago is on the way when you visit them?? :) I've always been disappointed that whenever your family has visited ours, we haven't been around. We'd love to have you visit us sometime so you can meet George and our girls. We love Elliana's name too and the meaning is very appropriate for her...lots of answered prayers and she is a sweet gift from Heaven (Ehi, her middle name, means 'gift' in George's language)! Hello to your family


Our Family said...


I love your Elliana's middle name and the meaning is beautiful. It's precious that your girls have a name in each of your languages!

Our Eliana's middle name (which was her first name in Russia) means "of the resurrection." That's been such a gift from the Lord to hold on tightly too with all the ups and downs that adoption requires.

I know Tessa and Aaron would love to visit you sometime, and the other 13 of us would love to come see Chicago and meet your first and only love (wonderful words from your blog intro!). We'll see what we can do.

With love,

George and Krista said...

I didn't realize you all also had an Eliana-no wonder you like the name :)

strvn2plsHM said...

WE sure are anxious to see all the beautiful wedding party and read about all the details. Thanks for blogging three days leading up to the BIG day!! We'll wait to check in next week and hope to see LOTS of pics and stories. We are praying for you all and are there with you in spirit all the way from Europe!!

Kimberly said...

I have loved reading about Tessa and Aaron's courtship over the past few weeks! God has scripted such a beautiful love story for them and I wish them all the best in their marriage. I can't wait to see photos of Tessa's gown and all the other wonderful aspects of the couple's special day =) I hope everything runs smoothly for you all today!