Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: The Desire of My Heart

Mrs. Beaver:


Before we post more wedding photos, I want to back up just a bit and talk about one of my dreams for Tessa's wedding week.
I've always thought it a shame that so often at weddings, the people who gather hardly know one another. As we began our planning, I hoped for something different. When people began arriving in town in the days leading up to the wedding, I wanted our home to be a center of hosptiality where our guests could be fed and, hopefully, even begin to build friendships with the other guests.
The Lord was so kind; he gave me the desire of my heart. As the wedding grew closer and closer, the crowds grew larger and larger at each meal. By Friday, the day of the rehearsal, between fifty and sixty joined us for lunch and laughter.
Here we are gathering to say grace before we indulged in the delicious food prepared by my friends from church a week earlier.

Our photographers, Therese (l) and Lauren, who are family friends joined in the fellowship and festivities, too.

I was so grateful to the Lord for giving me a desire of my heart by filling our home with wedding guests from Massachusetts, Virginia, Texas, Washington state, and Illinois.

Through it all, the groom seemed pretty happy, too.

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MacMeister said...

It was wonderful to have that kind of fellowship at your house - thank you so much for your generosity in opening your home to us! It was also neat that a lot of us had met before - either in person or online, so we weren't a bunch of strangers to each other :-)

Thank you for including us in such a special time for your family!

Tina said...

We cannot fully express how grateful our family was for your family's hospitality. We felt welcomed, cared for, loved and part of the family. We met and made many new friends and treasured the fellowship in your home. Thank you for the sacrificial service that you gave to us and to many others. Aaron is very blessed by God for his new mom and dad and sisters and brothers. We love you all.

Tina, for the Nix Family

Jordan said...

Oh! I spy Robbie, and Spence, and Sam, and Aaron and Anna of course, oh and there's Leah and Amanda... Looks like a wonderful time of fellowship and fun. :)