Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anna's Wedding: Adding a Son

Mrs. Beaver:

I'm out of order with the wedding photos, but this picture caught my attention as I was looking through Therese and Lauren's work again. (Wow, they did a beautiful job!)

This photo was taken at the end of wedding, after the couple had been introduced to those in attendance as Mr and Mrs. Aaron Nix. The two of them then came to the aisle to greet those in each row as they exited the church. Anna's dad and I were the first to get the chance to hug the newlyweds. I took joy in the heart-felt embrace exchanged between the two men in Anna's life.

I suspect this hug was a welcome one to Aaron. In order for Mr. Beaver to fill the father's role in the courtship, he put Aaron through months of grilling via email, phone calls and in-person conversations. He also watched Aaron's life with a microscope. Mr. Beaver was determined that he would be passing the hand of his beloved daughter to a man who would love Christ and treasure his wife "until death do them part."

I think this photo captures the fact that through the courtship process, Aaron didn't gain merely Mr. Beaver's acceptance; Aaron earned his endorsement.

Both Mr. Beaver and I are grateful to God that Aaron is now our son (we've decided to drop "in-law"). He is a wonderful, welcome addition to the tribe.

(For more on courtship, see What He Must Be to Marry My Daughter by Voddie Baucham)

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I also see you looking lovingly on with a beautiful smile--just adds the "icing on the cake" to a beautiful picture!

Jana :)