Friday, April 8, 2011

Young and Married

Mr. & Mr. Beaver:

Three weeks ago we watched with a large crowd as our oldest daughter and our brand-new son exited the beautiful 100-old-church in which they'd been married through a flurry of bubbles.

The two of them honeymooned for a week on the shore of Lake Superior in nothern Minnesota. Since then they've been setting up their first home, a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Cincinnati.

Tonight after a week of putting together furniture--nightstands, a chest of drawers and a couple of book shelves--they built something else: a blog. We invite you to visit Young and Married.

When you visit their blog you'll learn their purpose for adding to all the media choices available. You'll also learn our daughter's real name as she graduates from her family blog name to her own first name.

Aaron and ?,
We wish you God's richest blessing on your endeavor to make a positive impact on our culture.
We love you exceedingly,
Mom and Dad

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