Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anna's Wedding: Black & White...or...Color

Mrs. Beaver:

I haven't yet decided whether I like this picture better in black & while or color. Either way, this photo from Aaron and Anna's wedding day, March, 19, beautifully captures the sweet tenderness of the relationship that developed during Aaron and Anna's courtship.

As they made it a priority to nourish their spiritual similarities, they learned to trust each other, they learned to respect each other, they learned to cherish each other, they learned to delight in one another, and they learned to love one another.

They bring color to each other's world.

Anna and Aaron,

The entire family misses you. We love the two of you deeply. We miss both of you. We also miss getting to watch as you grow into one.

We're counting the days until we get to see you, and it won't be long before we are counting in hours!

With a love-bears-all-things kinda love,

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