Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remembering a Birthday Past

Mrs. Beaver:

Today is Princess Bink's 9th birthday. My thoughts this morning are returning to her first birthday with us when she turned four.

She had her third birthday just three days before we adopted her so she'd waited a full year to have a birthday celebration as part of our family. Here are some of the pictures from that day back in 2006:

Making the cake with Anna

Dad decorated the cake, a family tradition

Princess Bink only weighed about 20 pounds as she turned four

She loved the big dog that came out of the big box. She still sleeps with him every night.

As she waited for the candles to be put on her cake she paraded in her Dad's shoes

We all delighted in being the first to provide birthday delight for this former orphan


S'mores said...

Happy Birthday Princess Bink!!
I pray you would have a fun day filled with all the things you love. I am really glad your mommy and daddy adopted you so that I could have a chance to meet you!

Reba said...

Happy Birthday Princess Bink!!
Hope you have a fun day.

MacMeister said...

Happy birthday Princess Bink! Have a great day with the wonderful family God has blessed you with, and have fun being nine!

Maybe you can give that new tooth some of your birthday cake too ;-)

Co-heir With Christ said...

Happy Birthday Princess Bink!!In the few times that I've seen you, you have been a true joy to watch. God bless you on your ninth birthday!

Samuel said...



Tina said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Princess Bink!! We hope you have a wonderful day. You are a blessing to our family. We all love you and cannot wait to see you soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Nix, Arianna and Amber