Monday, April 11, 2011

To The Bride from Princess Bink

Taken the Wednesday before the wedding,
when Anna, her friends and sisters
went out on the town for a photo shoot
Princess Bink (with help from Mom):

Dear Anna,

I was feeling a little sad thinking about you so Mom said I could write to you.

I miss you very much! I hope you and Aaron have a good life together.

Thank you for sending me a card. I just opened it. I was so happy to get it! With the moneys on the front, it made me think of you.

I miss all your tickling and hugging. I miss all your smoochy kisses. I miss your smile. You are a kind sister.

Princess Bink

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Aaron & Anna said...

Dear Princess Bink,

I miss you too. I miss hugging you and kissing you with big smoochy kisses. I miss reading books to you and letting you wear my perfume and fixing your hair. I miss tickling you. I love you very much.

Love forever,