Saturday, April 23, 2011

A New American

Mrs. Beaver:

Yesterday our family drove to Omaha. Because Daria is over 14, she was required to go through a swearing-in ceremony as the last step in becoming an American citizen. The ceremony was touching to Mr. Beaver and me. In addition to Russia, seven other countries were represented in the 40 people seeking to gain the rights of citizenship: Mexico, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Thailand, Peru and Viet Nam.

We didn't have a camera inside the government offices, but below we captured Daria's reaction as we exited the building.

We know she continues to love Russia and will always feel a passion for her motherland. Her excitement was not about leaving behind her beloved Russia. Instead, I think she was rejoicing in the accomplishment of one more milestone - marking her opportunity, through adoption, at a second chance in life this time with parents, a family and a permanent home.

Mr. Beaver and I thanked God that we were on this end of Daria's adoption. We'd been to this same building and had photos taken next to the sign above during the process to "have our fingers printed" (as some of our children call it). Other than getting Daria a Social Security card, every adoption requirement is now finished. What a marvelous feeling! We praise God for his sustaining grace.We thank God for the three beautiful children that have became family as a result of all the arduous paperwork on the long road we traveled.


The Nordstroms said...

Congratulations Daria!!! It is great to have you as our newest American.
We also remember taking our picture next to that same sign when we were having our "fingers printed"!

Scott said...

Congratulations Daria! Happy for you and your whole family at this wonderful event.

Aaron and Anna said...

To my dear sister -
I'm so glad you are now a US citizen! I wish I could have been there to share your very special day! You look so very beautiful, just like always. I miss you!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Daria!!

Aaron said...

Congratulations to Daria and to all the Reynolds. I will continue to pray for your family as you lean on God for wisdom and the joys of adopting. Congrats again!

Rog said...

CONGRATS, DARIA!!! Awesome news! Praise God for a wonderful adoption story!

MacMeister said...

Congratulations to the Reynolds' newest American! It's been a blessing to follow your family's journey of adoption for over a year now and watching God work through you all!