Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: Greeting the "Greats"

As we were in the middle of having the wedding photos taken, Tessa suddenly jumped out of the pose she'd been told to hold and ran up the aisle toward the back of the church. I was startled, and turned from where I was standing in between a couple of the front pews to see what had caused the stir. As soon as I did, I understood Tessa's happy sprint--some of her beloved great aunts and uncles had just arrived from Madison and Kansas City.

As Tessa was growing up, we vacationed with these four wonderful people. They're just the kind you want to take on a vacation, always up for a game of cards or a hike. Tessa felt honored that they were willing to make the drive to attend her wedding. Her day was that much more delightful because the "greats" were there.

Running to hug Uncle Jerry

Poised to embrace Aunt Judy

Wrapped in Aunt Carol's arms

Clinging to Uncle John

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