Monday, April 18, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: Bride Under Construction

Mrs. Beaver:

A month ago our oldest daughter, Anna, married Aaron Nix. Today the CDs arrived from photographers, Therese and Lauren. These young women did an amazing job of capturing the day. They were truly a gift from the Lord! We're so happy with the photos!


The first step the day of the wedding was the hairdo. When we practiced the "do" with stylist Mallory, she asked Anna to come in at 7:30 instead of  the originally designated 8 am because of how long it took to curl Anna's long and thick locks.

The process was sometimes painful for tender-headed Anna...

...but she had her phone...

...and coffee to take her mind off the tugs to her scalp.

While Mallory was working on Anna's hair, bridesmaid Elizabeth worked on Anna's nails.

Before long, Anna had a manicure that would showcase her wedding band later in the day.

Eventually, the curls were finished.

The next step was makeup.

Again, friend Elizabeth was the artist.

By early afternoon, hair was done and makeup was finished.

All that was left was the dress and shoes.

Next post: Donning the Dress

(For information about Therese and Lauren's photography, call 217 276-0777)

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S'mores said...

Love, Love all the pictures! They are beautiful just like the wedding was! When I was looking at the pictures, I was thinking, I want a friend like Elizabeth! She did nails and makeup. I think that is so cool. When Elizabeth did my nails on Thursday night, she did a french manicure and that was the first time I have ever had one. I felt so pretty. Thank you!
Therese and Lauren did a beautiful job with the pictures. I love them!