Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watching the Bible Being Lived Out

God's word is utterly clear that His followers are to care for the oppressed, especially orphans and widows. James 1:27 is probably the most frequently quoted verse: "True and undefiled religion is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress."

Following National Orphan Sunday at our church in 2009, our dear friends, the Nordstroms, found their hearts moved. They realized they had Room for More. Almost immediately they launched into an effort to adopt a preschooler from Ethiopia. She just arrived home late last orphan no more.

Last Saturday we visited the Nordstroms. We'd given them all of six days to recover from their trip to Ethiopia to make 4-year-old Meddie Grace a Nordstrom forever. We couldn't hold ourselves back from meeting Meddie and celebrating with our dear friends that she was FINALLY home after the 16-month adoption process.

We'd seen photos of Meddie's legendary smile, but we were blown away in person. Her grin stretches across her bright face and gives a twinkle to her eyes. She's a remarkably happy child considering all she has suffered in her short life.

This was the first chance for our newbies, who've only been in their family for four months, to be on the other side of greeting an adopted child.

Our former orphans were all smiles as they watched Meddie interact with her parents and five siblings. As Meddie sat in her sister's lap, Jaynie discovered that Meddie is ticklish.

We took with us a family tradition from our three international adoptions.

When we arrived at home from Russia nearly a decade ago with Jaynie, Cassandra and Speedy, we were surprised to discover our dining room table decorated with a giant American cupcake flag created by Mr. Beaver's mom, Jane, and his Aunt Jean, along with Anna (known here at our blog before her recent marriage by the name, Tessa), Lissie, and Joe as they eagerly anticipated our return and the arrival of our new family members. The flag was repeated when we adopted Tatiana, Natasha and Princess Bink six years ago. (This time, all 14 of us were returning from Russia together so there was no one at home to make a cupcake flag. Hmmmm....maybe at the kids' one year anniversay--sounds like a project for Cassandra!)

After enjoying cupcakes together, Meddie was ready to open her gifts. We'd allowed each of our kids to pick out something for this child came to America owning nothing. We had such fun shopping!!!

When Meddie began opening her presents, her brothers, Eddie Joe and T-Bird, were there to help.

We felt so blessed to outfit Meddie from head to...


We thank God that He has added Meddie Grace to the Nordstrom's family. What fun to spend an evening with our friends celebrating their new little one! We loved beginning to get to know Meddie...

...and we treasured the opportunity to watch her in her own HOME with her own FAMILY!

We love you, Meddie Grace!


S'mores said...

Praise God that He is the Father of the Fatherless and that He calls His children to do the same! And praise God too that there is one less fatherless child in Ethiopia! It is so awesome to see yet another former orphan smile, what a sweet sight. Thank you Nordstroms for your heart for orphans!


The Nordstroms said...

Overwhelmed by His goodness and your kindness.....

MacMeister said...

What a great smile! :-) God has definitely rewarded you for following Him through this process!