Thursday, April 28, 2011

Her First Birthday Gift--Ever

Mrs. Beaver:

Not only was today the 6th anniversary of our adoption of Tatiana, Natasha and Princess Bink, it was also Oksana's 7th birthday. Firsts with adoptees are very special... and heartbreaking. This was the first birthday gift she had ever received. What joy we witnessed tonight, as a former orphan felt truly special and loved. This is the kind of joy we can all experience when we experience the love of Christ upon our adoption in Him!

I had just finished taking these photos of our youngest daughters and their babies, when the head of Oksana's doll toppled off. We were so surprised because she was being very careful and gentle with her new treasure.

Oksana's response to this toy tragedy, surprised me. So many children would have fussed or whined or demonstrated anger if this happened to them, especially if the broken toy was their first birthday gift --ever. Not Oksana! Our little 7-year-old giggled and giggled. The event reminded me to thank God for the blessing that her happy, contented spirit is to us all!

Once Oksana got over her giggles, we went to the car where Mr. Beaver and the other kids were waiting. Papa repaired Oksana's gift--once he got over the shock of the headless doll.

Not only did Oksana's dad operate on her broken birthday doll, he also decorated the chocolate sour cream cake Cassandra made for our celebration. The cake says, "What is this?" in Russian. Oksana has been using this phrase for just about everything for the five months we've known here. We think she says it at least a dozen times a day.

Oksana was zealous in her attempts to blow out the trick candles. She eventually won the smoky skirmish.

One of the greatest joys of being able to adopt and parent older children is getting to experience their special "firsts". We had a marvelous, God-blessed day. We think our new seven-year-old did also.


Marjo B said...

Hello! I found your blog through Lacey Martin's; and I am really glad I did! The first thing that caught my interest about your family is the fact that you adopted children from Russia! We love Eastern European countries, including Russia, and Ukraine. I would love to adopt from there when I am ''grown up''!
All your children are beautiful!
I love the names- the Russian ones happen to be among my favorites.
You Russian girls also happen to look like some most beautiful and sweet Ukrainian and Russian musicians/folk dancers I've met before! I'm sure you are all just as lovely inside...I look forward to finding out more about your family as I read this blog!
Are you intersted in Russian language, food, dances, music etc?

Music Maiden said...

Oh, that last picture is so awesome!

Aaron and Anna said...

Dearest wonderful Oksana,


I miss you.


MacMeister said...

Happy Birthday Oksana! Thank you for sharing your family's joy with us! And I'm glad the doll was easily fixed :-)

Samuel said...

Wow those pictures capture some priceless moments. Praise GOD for adoption, and children!!!!!

Our Family said...


Thanks for all your kind encouragement. We, too, love and aprreicate Easter European culture. We've had the wonderful opportunity to learn a great deal more about Russian food now that 16-year-old Daria treats us to Russian dishes. We'd love to learn more about things like folk dancing and music.

We'll look forward to more contact with you in the future.

Drew said...

Happy Birthday Oksana!
I love Mr. Beavers face when he finds out about the headless doll. :o

Tina said...

Dear Oksana,
Happy Happy Happy Happy birthday! We cannot wait to see you again. We love you.
Love Mr. and Mrs. Nix, Arianna and Amber

Rog said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, young lady!!! Thanks for posting the pictures - they were all awesome. :)