Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Returning Again and Again...

Mrs. Beaver:

Last week our daughter, Lissie, posted a quote on the blog she shares with her older sister, Anna, Impassioned Purity. I've found the quote remarkably helpful over the past few days to staying in a place of peace. In fact, I've found the quote so helpful that I keep booting my laptop and visiting the girls' blog just to reread it.

Rather than continuing to do that, I'm going to type the very same words here. I'm going to go to the trouble to type the quote rather simply rereading it again and again because I need the truths found there to become impressed on my heart so that they truly change me.

I need this reminder of Christ's life, suffering and death. I have been a terror in our home already this morning. I've been aggravated by the things I've seen my children do wrong, while forgetting that I, too, am a sinner.

The job of being the mother of 11 children living at home is way, way too big for me. But, when I remember what Jesus did for me while I was still His enemy I am stunned into being able to be patient with my large crowd of kiddos. I am more likely to be humble, rather than an arrogant whirlwind damaging relationships wherever I go. I want to be like Christ, and I have been anything but that this morning. I need this reminder:

"'This is the wondrous exchange made by his boundless goodness,' wrote [John] Calvin of his Lord and Savior...
Having become with us the Son of Man, he has made us with himself sons of God.
By his own descent to the earth he has prepared our ascent into heaven.
Having received our mortality, he has bestowed on us his immortality.
Having undertaken our weakness, he has made us strong in his strength.
Having submitted to our poverty, he has transferred to us his riches.
Having taken upon himself the burden of unrighteousness with which we were oppressed,
   he has clothed us with his righteousness.'"
John Calvin quoted in Don't Call It a ComeBack: The Old Faith for a New Day, edited by Kevin DeYoung, pgs. 37,38

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