Friday, April 15, 2011

One Year Anniversary, Part One: Russian Adoption Works

Mrs. Beaver:

A year ago today we became bloggers.

We'd never planned on entering the "blog-a-sphere," as our friend Layne calls it. Then a woman in Tennessee put her seven-year-old son on a flight to Moscow, saying this was her way of ending his adoption. Understandably, Russians were outraged. Equally understandably, those of us in the midst of Russian adoptions were devastated as the incident made the news in both countries. We sensed almost immediately that our adoption process would at least be slowed down, if not completely halted.

An orphan-care group advocating for those affected asked those families in America who'd had a positive Russian adoption experience to blog about it in an effort to combat the many negative stories being dredged up by the media. So, our family started a blog. After all, we'd been so blessed by our two adoptions, each time adding three siblings to our family, that we were in the middle of adopting three more Russian children.

To mark the anniversary of "Unto Him We Live," here are some of my favorite photos (in no particular order.) God has blessed our family richly through Russian adoption.


Elizabeth said...

Love the first pic! Those are the Reynolds I remember! :)

rob said...

Those pictures are amazing! :D My favorites are the first, 8th, 13th, and last. Thanks for posting! Neat to see how God has kept adding blessings to your family. :)


Hannah said...

luv all the pics!

Samuel said...

Wow those were very enjoyable to look at. Thank you for starting this blog! God knows I have been richly blessed just reading it!


MacMeister said...

Ditto Samuel! Those are some great pictures! :-)