Monday, April 11, 2011

Tessa's Wedding: Pre-Ceremony Chaos

Mrs. Beaver:

Once family members and friends came into the sanctuary to join the bride and groom for photos, chaos reigned.

Here photographers, Therese and Lauren (on the right), try to overcome the noise and confusion to discuss their shoot.

They were working to complete a list of desired photos the bride had given them. World's greatest adminstrator (and wonderful friend), Amanda Nisius, managed the list. (She's on the right below.)

While Amanda gathered the next group to be photographed, Therese and Lauren had a chance to strategize creative approaches.

Meanwhile informal photos were being snapped by dear friend Gary Nisius (Amanda's husband).

Groomsmen Joe, Pete, Rog, & Spencer (L-R)

Our friends, Paul and his mom, Paula, all the way from Virginia

Family friends Katherine and Alexa (L-R)

Sisters Lissie and Tatania (L-R)

Mr. Beaver's side of the family

Mr. Beaver with long-time friend, mentor and pastor, Dave Sowers. Pastor Dave would officiate at the wedding within the hour.

People we run into keep asking us how the wedding went. We're able to report that there isn't a detail we would have changed. Even during the chaos above, tension was avoided. We were so blessed to be surrounded by dear people helping at every turn and monitoring the details for us. For the mother and father of the bride, the day was nothing but happiness, delight and joy. God reigned, and God blessed us beyond what we'd dare to hope for our oldest daughter's wedding day.

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MacMeister said...

It was a beautiful wedding, and God's blessing was evident in all that took place! Thank you for sharing that special day with all of us!